Professional chef with over 25 years of experience

Specializing in Italian, Brazilian, Mediterranean and Arabic cuisines.


Professional chef with over 25 years of experience,has worked in several countries, specializing in Italian, Brazilian, Mediterranean and Arabic cuisines. His cuisine is full of tastes from all over the world.


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Chef Felipe has worked in several countries, specializing in Italian, Brazilian, Mediterranean and Arabic cuisines.

From Brazil, the chef learnt Arabian cuisine since he was a child, from his mother and grandmother. Then, the chef lived and worked for many years in the USA developing his international cooking skills. After his experience in the states, he came to Europe, where the chef fell in love with both Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, developed during the last 15 years of experience in Europe.

His cuisine is full of tastes from all over the world, and creative on the use of techniques. He likes to provide happiness and to share emotions through his plates.

Have the services of a private chef, also called a private chef, when you go on vacation Ibiza has many more advantages than we can imagine. We’ll explain it to you.

Private chef Ibiza

When we work, our time is one of the most precious assets, you can’t waste a single, ust a minute. When we have holidays, we would also like to have 100% of our free time to enjoy the sensational luxury villa we rented in Ibiza to relax along with the family.

Of course, if we rent a luxury villa, we can afford to visit the best restaurants, but we’d have to spend time looking for them and moving around, and we’re not going to different places to make all our meals. So why not hire the services of a private chef that allows us to eat at home when we’re not in it?

What’s a private chef?

Your private chef is a professional trained to efficiently manage all the elements of a family kitchen, from selecting the menus of each day to making the purchase of the best ingredients in selected sites that offer only quality products, taken to the ports of Ibiza, Formentera or any of the Balearic Islands.


My already long experience as a private chef, more than fifteen years cooking for the most palates demanding, has taken me to many countries of the Mediterranean and the world, where I have been able to study their cuisine, both traditional and modern, and specialize in some of them. 

My knowledge of Italian, Arabic, Brazilian and Mediterranean gastronomy allows me to offer modern and sophisticated dishes that do not lack a single traditional ingredient, but changing their appearance so that they also enter the view. I’ve worked in the best restaurants and I have learned from the best teachers for today to offer you, dear client, true gastronomic experiences no matter what time you want to eat.

Gastronomy and nutrition

Sometimes we are surprised and flattered that the client who chooses to have our services is a elite sportsman. Even if they’re on vacation and everyone thinks that these are parties for these athletes, the reality is that they continue to take care of their diet.

For this reason, private chefs have extensive knowledge of nutrition to be able to adjust the gastronomy to the strict requirements set by its doctors and trainers. 

The private chef must have the imagination and creativity to present the dishes of a strict diet in an appetizing way. Nutrition and gastronomy do not have to be in conflict.

For how many diners?

A chef for your home is a true stove professional, who is prepared to manage catering services for large and small establishments and private kitchens.

So if we’re thinking of having a surprise party, a family feast, or a dinner party, special to impress someone, you just have to contact me and explain to me what wishes, what are the expectations and what will be the number of guests. Imagination runs from me part, and I will make several proposals. All dishes will be ready to be served in the right time and at its optimum point of temperature and cooking.

What kind of menu?

My specialties are Brazilian, Mediterranean, Arabic and Italian gastronomy, but I can cook any dish you fancy. Japanese gastronomy is another of my specialties.
I can also propose a variety of sensations; the client will choose the ones that appeal to him.

Why hire a private chef?

When you search on the internet: private chef in Formentera who is professional or in Ibiza, I will appear between the options; on my website you will find all the information you need to contact me.

By means of the web forms you can specify the dates, or if my services are needed for a specific celebration or for a season or also if my services are available on one island or another, on board a yacht or even further away. All with one click.

The difference between a good chef and a simple chef is the commitment he acquires with his art and your clients. I am very committed to mine and my clients are the most important thing to me personal and culinary development.

I am proud to be able to prepare my diners the refined dishes that I have mastered since my years of training, during which I have spent in prestigious cuisines of Brazil, the United States and the Mediterranean Europe, where I have been captivated by the exquisiteness of its gastronomy, variety and quality of the ingredients they use and the wisdom and skill of the chefs. I always bring my personal touch and some amazing fusion elements for my clients.

If your holiday time is also precious and you want to enjoy it fully with the family and the friends, if you are looking for a private chef in Formentera who is professional or in Ibiza, I will be there. Visit my website. Having the services of a private chef has many advantages