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A good chef must be able to reinvent himself every day and seek innovation in his recipes. Brazilian gastronomy allows me to broaden my horizons at every moment, as it serves as a guide to prepare the most creative and delicious dishes for my guests. Our best known recipe is feijoada. However, Brazilian cuisine is as broad as all the influences that compose it; African, European and indigenous cuisine, whose exotic and diverse mix makes it a delight for all palates.

An expanding heritage

Many people have already tried the typical moquecas and churrasco. Others have already indulged in traditional desserts such as brigadeiros, cocada, beijinhos and goiababa. Few, however, dare to delve into the history of Brazilian gastronomy.

In general, we have inherited the use of rice from aboriginal cultures and incorporate it as a typical accompaniment to every dish. In the same way, we honour African ethnicities with the use of cassava root, sweet potato and various fruits typical of the Brazilian region (asaí berries, copoazú butter, mango, guava, papaya and pineapple). This mix of flavours is striking for its exoticism.

Our European influences have made us appreciate wine, beer and coffee. However, caipirinha remains the Brazilian national drink, along with several varieties of fruit juices. Today, Brazilian gastronomy has become much broader, due to globalisation. Imports and exports have helped us to gain access to raw materials from all over the world, in order to broaden our range of recipes.

It can be said that we are faced with a very refined and varied culinary style. This is due to its tropical and ethnic character. The combination of diverse recipes from all over the world, together with regional customs, make it a very unique type of restaurant.

Luxury food in the hands of a chef of excellence

If you are looking for a private chef in Ibiza, you are reading the right post. I easily travel to the places that request my services and spread my 15 years of experience. My cuisine is both traditional and exotic and I adapt to all palates available. The flavours of the world define my work and I can provide you with a great culinary variety.

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