Discover all the secrets of Neapolitan pizza

When I am asked to include Neapolitan pizza in a menu, I make it with the traditional recipe. As the characteristics of this dish are not always known, here are some of the different aspects about it

What are the characteristics of Neapolitan pizza?

The main one is that its central part is very thin and the edges are raised to prevent the ingredients from coming out when it is baked. When you take a slice you will notice how it is a very juicy dough that tends to fold. The reason for this is none other than the use, for each kilogram of flour, of a minimum amount of water of 55% and a maximum of 70%. In turn, the fermentation of the dough is carried out in a period of time that goes from eight to 48 hours.

Regarding the kneading, 30 seconds will be enough and, normally, it is done with very little effort. In addition, this type of pizza is always baked at a high temperature, around 480º, for a minute or a minute and a half, otherwise it would burn. This keeps the dough elastic and soft.

How can you recognize an authentic Neapolitan pizza?

Although visually it may seem that it is, there is an infallible test to confirm it: try it. Bearing in mind that the thickness in the center of the pizza will not exceed three millimeters and that from this measure it will grow, near the edge, up to 2 centimeters, the first test is the juiciness of the dough when you taste it. It usually melts in your mouth.

Another trick to confirm its authenticity is that it is almost impossible to eat it with a knife and fork. Only by using your hand is it possible to better appreciate all its flavors and maintain its original texture. Likewise, the Roman or American pizza is delicious, but can be heavy to digest. The Neapolitan variant is easily digested and does not cause any digestive discomfort.

Finally, this type of pizza is one of the healthiest. The reason is none other than the type of tomato sauce, always natural, and ingredients, in its right measure, used for its preparation. The idea is to combine basic flavors such as cooked ham, basil or mozzarella without ever missing oregano or basil. Since it is a small size option, you can eat it easily to enjoy a perfect gastronomic experience.

Therefore, Neapolitan pizza as I cook it requires excellent flour, good yeast, natural tomato sauce, good cheese and basic ingredients. With the oven always at maximum temperature, the result is always surprising and delicious.

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