Why hire a chef for weddings?

It is becoming increasingly common for weddings to hire the services of a personal chef. As a professional with more than 25 years of experience in the preparation of international cuisine, more and more clients are requesting this service from me every day. They are couples who want to offer something exclusive on the day of their wedding, an unforgettable experience for them and their guests.

What is a personal chef?

A personal chef is a professional chef who offers his services to his client for one or more days. During that time, he cooks for his guests according to their tastes or needs. The reasons for hiring a personal chef range from preparing diets to preparing the menu for an event. Sometimes the reason for hiring a professional chef is simply to enjoy gourmet restaurant dishes at home.

Advantages of hiring a private chef for weddings and other events

Those who require my services as an expert chef do so to taste my dishes, but also to save time. If you enjoy your holiday in a secluded villa, you don't want to spend time travelling around looking for a place to eat. This is the first great advantage of hiring my services: quality international cuisine without leaving home.

In the case of a wedding celebration, in addition to creating the menu, I take care of buying the freshest ingredients. I also make sure that all the dishes reach the guests at the right time and at the right temperature and presentation. Whether it is an event for 50 or 10 guests, everyone will be fully satisfied.

Another advantage I offer you as a  chef is that I will be present for the duration of the event. This way, I will solve any problems that may arise, such as a possible food intolerance or the preparation of a children's menu. On the other hand, if the kitchen is small or lacks utensils, don't worry, as my team has everything you need to prepare any recipe.

In addition to the above benefits, hiring a personal chef for events such as weddings allows you to enjoy the art of cooking live. Talking to the chef while he prepares a dish and receiving his culinary advice is priceless. On the day, you should relax and let yourself go, and leave the preparation of the menu in the hands of a professional chef. Plus, your private wedding chef won't be too expensive compared to other options such as restaurants or caterers. If you would like more information about my services and an estimate, please contact me by phone or email.

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