Summer events with chef

Summer events with a chef are a perfect alternative to make a difference by opting for a proposal that is different from the established. Discover their characteristics and all their advantages.

What kind of events can be held in summer?

The arrival of the good weather invites you to be outdoors and enjoy a more pleasant temperature. Thus, summer is the ideal season for weddings, engagement parties or personal birthdays. It is also possible to present new products or call the press for the announcement of a music festival, to name but a few examples.

In all of them, it is always advisable to take care of the attendees in an appropriate way and offer an added value to the experience. Undoubtedly, gastronomy is one of the keys to making this type of event a success.

Why is having a chef so important?

Mainly because it helps to make a difference. What any guest expects is the classic appetizer based on fried food or standing salads and then the option of choosing between two alternatives for the main course. We do not doubt the effectiveness of this option, but we consider it essential that the food arrives freshly cooked at each table and that the chef can explain the details of each recipe.

Depending on the venue, it will be easier for diners to access the kitchen and see how the dishes are prepared live. Having a chef allows you to offer a menu based on fresh products that will be prepared and served instantly. Thus, the result will be of the highest quality and allows you to enjoy the aromas and original textures of the selected ingredients.

The advantages of having a private chef

The main advantage is that you can choose the menu you want and have it tailor-made for you. You can also hire his services throughout the day to serve breakfast, a mid-morning meal, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.

Think that the freshness of the ingredients, cooking them to the exact point and serving them with the chosen dressing is synonymous with turning each dish into an unmissable proposal. Undoubtedly, your guests will really enjoy the recipes cooked especially for them and the personalised service.

If you have events planned for this summer in Ibiza, or anywhere else, contact us. Our chef has more than 15 years of experience and will come to your luxury villa or business with his recipes of Italian, Brazilian and Mediterranean cuisine. Get ready to enjoy every bite and to surprise everyone. Book your date now and we will design a gastronomic experience totally adapted to your needs.

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