Healthy menu for events

When preparing a formal event, the importance of a good and healthy menu is often overlooked. Normally, this type of menu is chosen by the host and is not always healthy, especially for the younger guests, who tend to eat fried food or different dishes than the adults. With a private chef, we can fully relax and enjoy the event together with our guests and, at the same time, have a fully personalised taste experience according to our tastes.

Maintain a healthy diet

We all know how essential it is to eat a healthy diet. The human body needs vegetables and fruit, foods that are not often seen on an event menu. Fortunately, the Mediterranean diet is one of the best ways to remedy this. For this reason, we can always opt for this type of menu at an event, as it is known to be easily adaptable and to the liking of all the guests.

In addition, another option is to vary from the usual diet that you normally eat and choose a slightly less conventional one, such as Japanese or even Mexican. Other options such as Arab or Brazilian, which we are not very used to eating, are also a good option. These cultures explore flavours in different ways to ours and can be a real plus point. The best thing is that all these options are also healthy and suitable for the most demanding dieters.

Prepare a healthy event

One of the great advantages of hiring a private chef is that, if we need to make any changes to the menu, it is much easier to communicate this and, without a doubt, an alternative to any dish can be prepared, for example, for special requirements: gluten-free dishes suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans. The menu can therefore be customised to your taste.

There is not just one option as is common in any catering. If the client is not convinced by a menu, we can always opt for another of the many menus available and have a totally personalised menu; among them, the Brazilian, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Mexican, Mediterranean, barbecue and paella menus.

We can always rely on the hands of a chef with years of experience so that we can focus entirely on our guests and not have to worry about the food to be served and thus create the best possible atmosphere for everyone at the event. In addition, there is also the surprise factor, which you can ask the chef to change the menu a little bit with his recommendations and surprise. This way, you can have a unique culinary experience.

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