Tips about our vegetarian menu

Would you like to have a vegetarian menu prepared for your arrival in Ibiza? Are you planning a meeting or an event and need to treat your guests to the best food? We can think of a thousand reasons, but the solution is clear: a private chef.

We have extensive experience and training to prepare exactly what you and your guests need.

From an informal brunch with friends to a company meeting. No matter what the occasion, he will select the best quality fresh ingredients and prepare the dishes you need.

Vegetarian Menu

This is our vegetarian menu, but it is just an example, as dishes can be varied to suit diners' tastes.


Crispy bravas and aioli
Nasu No dengaku (miso aubergines)
Tomato tartar, burrata, pesto and black garlic sauce
Vegetable risotto with saffron and leek julienne
Rice noodles with vegetables - Thai stir-fry
Falafel with cauliflower cream, tahini sauce and Ito Togarashi (thin strands of chilli)
Dessert (choose two dishes):
Apple crumble and vanilla ice cream
Mascarpone ice cream with tomato jam and lemon zest
Tiramisu with Ibiza herbal liqueur, almond flour and matcha tea

The advantages of having the chef for your vegetarian menu

Here are some of the advantages of having a professional chef for your vegetarian menu

  • Thanks to his international experience, he will be able to adapt to the culture of your guests.
  • He knows a wide variety of ingredients from Arabian, Latin American, American and European cuisine. So, if you wish, she can add an exotic touch to your dishes or prepare fusion recipes.
  • Even if you specify that one of the attendees is vegan or has a food intolerance such as celiac disease, you can prepare delicious dishes with ingredients that can be taken by these people.
  • The food will be prepared at the time that you want, forget about sticking to restaurant schedules; and where you want it. You will be able to chat more quietly with your guests during the meal, without anyone disturbing you and in the environment you prefer.
  • It is much more convenient to have a private chef, especially when there is little time to look for a suitable restaurant, which is even more difficult when it comes to vegetarian diets!
  • It's a unique experience: turn an unforgettable meal into a highlight of your time in Ibiza.

As you can see, including a vegetarian menu prepared by a private chef is a safe bet for a pleasant stay in Ibiza. Find out now without obligation, we want you to enjoy this island with a lot of flavour!

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