Want to know more about Mexican food?

Did you know that Mexican food is among the best in the world? Many of its preparations derive from a successful crossbreeding of pre-Columbian and European cuisine. This cuisine has been enriched by the combination of uses and ingredients from different regions of this vast country. Discovering and savouring it is a journey of marvellous discoveries that is within your reach.

What characterises Mexican cuisine?

One of its features is the humble origin of the dishes, which are based on the kitchens of each family home. The systematic use of very diverse vegetable ingredients provides a pleasing colourfulness, as well as delicate combinations of textures, aromas and flavours. These characteristics are further enhanced by the complexity of culinary procedures, such as mixiote, tatemar or pipián.

Key ingredients

Among the flavours, the spiciness stands out to varying degrees, often combined with the sweetness or bitterness provided by cocoa, a fundamental ingredient in many moles. Huitlacoche is a delicacy of this cuisine, as it is a fungus that grows on corn cobs and tastes like smoked truffles.

The use of spices is intense, including chilli in its almost infinite versions and achiote or "Mayan condiment", which has a deep red colour. Others widely used are epazote, mint, quelite, avocado leaf and coriander.

Corn, avocado, cactus, tomatoes and beans are among the most common ingredients. Chili is not only a condiment, but can also be used whole in the preparation of dishes or as a side dish.

Typical dishes

You may have heard of tacos, enchiladas and mole, but there is a huge diversity of preparations in this gastronomy. Some of the ones I show you here may come as a surprise.

Pozole is a stew with meat and corn tortillas. There are different versions in Sinaloa, Guerrero or Jalisco.

Cochinita Pibil
From the Yucatan, it has Mayan and Spanish roots. The pork is cooked underground, wrapped in banana leaves and marinated with achiote. In the pre-Hispanic recipe, deer was used.

Chiles en Nogada
This is one of the most exquisite dishes of this cuisine and its origin is Puebla. The Hispanic influence is evident in the presence of white wine, walnuts and almonds, ingredients in the filling of the chillies.

Typical of Juárez, it is made by filling tortillas that are then rolled up. The one with meat and potatoes is called "el colorao" because of the colour of the chillies.

If you want to give a regal gift to your guests at any event or party, there is nothing better than having the experience and knowledge of a chef. With this I guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the best Mexican food as a guest.

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