What types of paella do you know?

Do you want to serve at home delicious menus prepared by an international chef? This way, you will have the possibility to enjoy the best gastronomic preparations every day. One of them is paella, a star dish of Spanish cuisine, in any of its versions. Come with me to know them.

The best paella on your table

The ability of the Valencians to cook rice in such a way that the grains were whole, loose and well done was the beginning of the famous Valencian paella. With the addition of more diverse ingredients and the spread of its popularity, its popularity has been transformed, and that is why I can assure you that every house prepares a different one.

Valencian Paella

It has several essential and very traditional components, such as ferraúra or flat green beans, rabbit, chicken and garrofó, a large flat white bean with a creamy texture. Saffron delicately perfumes the rice and gives it a characteristic color.

Mixed Paella

This is the most common, because it combines elements of seafood paella with different meats. It is important to use a good fish fumet, and among the vegetables, I prepare it with red bell pepper, onion and peas.

Vegetarian Paella

If you are one of those who prefer to do without animal food, the vegetable paella is an option that maintains the flavor and texture that paellas are so popular. It is prepared with mushrooms, peppers, onion, artichokes and asparagus.

Meat Paella

As rice combines well with all kinds of meats, in this paella you will find chicken, pork ribs, beef or rabbit, always chopped and well browned. I add leeks, green peppers and carrots, and before serving I like to decorate it with parsley. An important point is the paprika, which must be sweet.

Seafood Paella

Is often ordered in coastal areas, along with a glass of white wine. Depending on your preferences, I will prepare it with some combination of mussels, prawns, cod, squid, crayfish or monkfish. Garnished with green bell pepper and peas, a contrast of color and flavor is achieved.

Black rice

It is a very popular dish in the Levantine coast and the distinctive feature is the ink of squid or cuttlefish. It is prepared with a mixture of these two seafood and I always prefer the natural ink, which is added when the rice is half cooked.

Garlic is the other protagonist, because several cloves are needed and, when serving it, it is convenient to garnish with grilled prawns and accompany this rice with an aioli.

Paella is a perfect dish to create, come up with new combinations and be, like me, proud of the results. If you want to know more about my international cuisine, do not hesitate to contact us

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