Typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy

Are you in Ibiza and you want to surprise your company with a good meal, but you don't have time to cook? We propose you to hire a private chef to cook the delights of Spanish gastronomy. The perfect opportunity for international guests to get to know the best of our cuisine.

Discover Spanish dishes with a private chef

You can personalise your menu as you wish. We recommend you some guidelines.

Spanish Mediterranean cuisine

Start with a pantumaca, as simple as it is healthy and tasty. You can also try the traditional olive bread, handmade as it used to be. We recommend other dishes such as grilled asparagus with sliced almonds and seeds, baked fish with rosemary potatoes and other excellent Mediterranean fish and seafood.

You can also try different types of paella: chicken and rabbit paella, mixed paella (with seafood), black rice, arroz a banda or more innovative recipes, such as green paella or paella with mushrooms.

And, as for sweets, in the Mediterranean we find Catalan custard, desserts based on almonds, such as gató, citrus fruits, dates, etc.

Spanish Iberian cuisine

Although the cuisine of the interior of our country often merges with Mediterranean cuisine, there are dishes that are characteristic of this area, such as Iberian ham and potato omelette. We recommend cold soups in summer, such as Andalusian gazpacho, salmorejo cordobés or ajoblanco. And spoon dishes in winter, such as lentils or potatoes Rioja style, Asturian fabada or the different stews that exist in our country. Manchego cheese is a delicacy not to be missed. Try the different varieties: cured, semi-cured, soft, raw milk, in olive oil, etc. Desserts such as rice pudding, torrijas or fried milk are also typical.


Tapas are very fashionable, because they allow us to try small bites and share dishes. That's why we Spaniards love them for socialising, especially if they are accompanied by a good beer or Spanish wine.

Tapas do not always have to be the typical patatas bravas, cheese, ham or croquettes. There are others such as escalivada, calamares a la andaluza, pimientos del padrón, chorizo in cider, potatoes with aioli... and even sweet tapas, such as Spanish-style cheesecake.

Why a private chef and not a restaurant?

ou to adapt the menu to cater for intolerances, vegan options or medical conditions such as diabetes. It is also the best option if you want to celebrate a private event and have quality homemade food, far from the prepared caterings. Consult chef Felifauk, tell us which dishes of Spanish gastronomy you want to have on your menu, enjoy a superior quality cuisine!

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