All the ingredients for a perfect barbecue

Surely on more than one occasion you have wondered what it takes to make a barbecue in the hands of a chef. Barbecues are not just a simple gathering, they are something more, a delight for the senses. And not only for meat lovers, in this case, I recommend several types of barbecue from the hands of a specialist who masters different types of cuisine from different parts of the world.

Elements of a barbecue

In our case, we have several specialities: a barbecue where the meat, and in particular, chistorra sausage, butifarra sausage and one of the essential elements: what we usually know as chuletón or ribeye, the rib eye; a barbecue with fish, highlighting a good sea bass, prawns, grilled prawns or delicious grilled squid; and as a third option, a combination of barbecue meat such as chuletón, chicken skewers or a combination of local sausages with grilled prawns.

For the preparation of this exquisite barbecue we have the garnish of other succulent dishes that will open the mouth and accompany both the meat and the fish. Vegetables should never be missing from a barbecue, the intense colours of a good beetroot salad with lettuce hearts, walnuts and oranges or a delicious giago salad. And the garnish, seasonal vegetables with that unmistakable smoky barbecue smell.

And dessert? We can't forget the perfect ending with a cheesecake and seasonal fruit, to which is added, taking advantage of the grill, a pineapple with cinnamon. All delicacies.

What if you had a chef to cook for you?

The advantages of having a private chef are numerous, not only because you can enjoy an exclusive service, where the level of attention to the diners is a priority. The service we offer is extensive, you can enjoy an event or a holiday without having to worry about anything. The comfort of a restaurant but in your own home.

The good thing about having a private chef is that we prioritise and take into account each and every one of our clients' needs, menu suggestions, preferences in the dishes or products we are going to work with, and of course, taking into account any possible intolerances or allergies.

Our dishes are unique and exclusive, where our knowledge of the gastronomy of different cultures is combined with exquisiteness and haute cuisine. Thus, each of our dishes will offer the best of cuisines such as Brazilian, Arabic or Mediterranean. Unique flavours that only a few palates will be able to taste.

Experience and the highest cuisine when thinking of a private chef for your barbecue. At FeliFauk we offer you the best gastronomy in the best hands. Sit at the table and enjoy.

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