Exclusive chef dinners

Would you like to have an exclusive dinner, prepared by a chef with 25 years of experience in cuisine from countries as varied as Italy, Brazil, Arabia, etc.? Then I will be happy to fulfil your wish, you will discover the true cuisine of the place of your choice! Or would you prefer a fusion menu?

I am chef Feli Fauk, and I am passionate about the authentic cuisine of different countries

I started learning about Arabic cuisine from my mother and grandmother, with whom I lived in Brazil, and I learned to appreciate the aromas of this unique cuisine. I realised that there were flavours and textures from distant countries that could enrich our gastronomic culture. My passion for cooking in general, and international cuisine in particular, only increased as I grew up. So I decided to train in cooking in the United States, such a multicultural and cosmopolitan country. But I needed to go further. So, having established myself as a chef, I travelled to different countries in Europe, where I fell in love with Mediterranean cuisine, especially Italian.

Discover the dinner of your dreams

If you have always wanted to try an exotic meal or want to try the typical food of the country of your choice, now is the time to make your dream come true. As you can guess from my background, my specialities are Arabic, Brazilian and Italian cuisine, but I also trained in Japanese, Thai Cuisine, and Mexican cuisine. And, as curiosity and cooking have no limits, I am constantly experimenting and learning from other countries' cuisine, so you can ask me for whatever you want.

Special needs? Let me know

If you need a gluten, lactose or allergen free menu; or if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet; let me know. Nowadays it is not only easy to access ingredients from all over the world, but also free of the nutrients you can't take, or to find alternative ways to prepare recipes.

Surprise and amaze

We know that life is not just about material details, it's about moments. Therefore, give this culinary experience to someone you love and share these unique sensations in a relaxed atmosphere, such as the accommodation you indicate. It is a perfect gift for food lovers, but also for lovers of other countries. Can you imagine how happy a Japanese culture lover would be to be able to enjoy a Japanese menu worthy of a special occasion? And this is just one example. Tell me your idea, I'll know how to surprise that person.

Of course, a private chef is not only for a special dinner. I can cook for you if you don't have time, you want to surprise your guests with a quality menu... just contact me. You know, don't waste a second, book your exclusive dinner with an expert chef in international cuisine now!

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